Seminole Oklahoma

Where "WOW" Happens!

we love our town

The town of Seminole was established in 1906, named after the Seminole Indian Tribe who inhabited this region after signing the governmnet treaty in the mid 1800's. It was incorporated as a city on December 26, 1924. In the mid-1920's when oil was discovered in the Seminole area, the population exploded and swelled to 40,000 people. Black Gold flowed from wells 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hotels and businesses sprung up everywhere. Now those days are gone, but not forgotton. The boomers left a legacy here that will never die. By the giving to organizations and museums, the past is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Seminole: Where "WOW" happens! Fantastic recreation and schools joined with amazing employers to make Seminole a "MUST SEE" tourist destination and the world's best hometown!



*To rent the Municipal Building Auditorium or the Community Room by the pool, please call (405)382-4330 Ext. 210 and speak with LaDonna Vanlandingham.

*If you would like to apply for a job with the City of Seminole, please click HERE for an applicaiton. Print, complete and return to the City of Seminole.


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